About the Conference

The main objective of conference is to engender advances and innovations in the field of Mechanical Engineering Sciences particularly in the areas of Materials Engineering, Manufacturing, Management and Thermal Sciences. Over the last decade, there has been a surge of innovations in these fields which evince a lot of interest among the researchers as well as common man who look at the benefits derivable out of these research applications. The conference is aimed at providing a platform to all researchers to interact, share their research findings and to discuss their research ideas with the co-researchers from all over the world. It also provides an opportunity to highlight recent developments and to discuss future directions on these exciting fields.

Theme of the conference

The conference is aimed at providing a platform to all researchers to interact, share their research findings and to discuss their research ideas with the co-researchers from all over the world. It also provides an opportunity to highlight recent developments and to discuss future directions on these exciting fields. Keynote lectures by experts in various fields will inspire the researchers and provide an exposure to various aspects and an opportunity for discussions with distinguished experts. It is earnestly hoped that the conference will be of great success in bringing more researchers together. Researchers from various research laboratories, industries, academia and the research scholars pursuing their Doctoral / Masters work are invited to present their original work and participate in AMMMT-2020, a two day event in the academic and serene environs of S.I.T., Tumakuru.


The Conference will have oral and poster paper presentations covering topics such as:

  1. Advanced Materials
    • Advanced Materials and their Processing
    • Composite materials and Hybrid Composites
    • Smart materials and Shape memory alloys
    • Solidification
    • Materials Forming and Joining
    • Modelling and Simulation
    • Materials Characterization
    • Physical Metallurgy
    • Corrosion and Degradation of metals
    • Nano Materials and Processing

  2. Manufacturing
    • Lean and Agile Manufacturing
    • CAD /CAM and Flexible Manufacturing
    • CIM and Rapid Prototyping
    • Non-Traditional Machining and Manufacturing
    • Intelligent Processing and Manufacturing
    • Metrology and Instrumentation Measurement
    • Design Optimization in Manufacturing
  1. Management
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    • Total Quality Management
    • Lean Six Sigma
    • Business Process Re-Engineering
    • Project Management
    • Quality Management Systems
    • Product Design and Development
    • Value Engineering and Analysis
    • Management Information System

  2. Thermal Sciences
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Gas Turbines
    • I.C.Engines and Combustion
    • Alternate Fuels and Bio-Fuels
    • Heat and Mass Transfer
    • Non-Conventional Energy Systems
    • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Tumakuru is a district head quarters in Karnataka state situated on NH-4 (Bangalore-Pune highway) at a distance of 60 km from Bangalore and 50 Km from the Bangalore International Airport. In recent years, Tumakuru has emerged as an important centre for education, industry and commerce in the state. The district consists chiefly of elevated land intersected by river valleys. A range of hills rising to nearly 4000 feet crosses it from north to south, forming the watershed between river basins of the Krishna and Kaveri. In and around Tumakuru there are a number of historical places to visit, such as, Siddaganga, Shivagange, Devarayanadurga, Yedeyur, Shravanabelagola, Belur, Halebeedu, etc.

The Siddaganga Institute of Technology (SIT), Tumakuru, was established in the year 1963 by Sree Siddaganga Education Society (SSES), headed by His Holiness “Dr. Sree Sree Sivakumara Swamiji”, a centenarian. The college is an autonomous institution, affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belgaum, Karnataka, approved by AICTE, New Delhi and programmes accredited by NBA, New Delhi. At present, the institute offers 12 Undergraduate Programmes and 16 Postgraduate programmes. The institute has well qualified, experienced and competent faculty numbering 333 and 100 of them have Ph.D and another 65 are pursuing their Ph.D. Sixteen departments in the institute are recognized as research centers by Visvesvaraya Technological University and offer Ph.D and M.Sc (Engg.) by research. S.I.T. is a beneficiary of Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP), a World Bank assisted Project (Phase-I & II). S.I.T is topped among the 100 Engineering Institutions of the country (70th rank) under National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) of MHRD, Govt. of India. Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management have well qualified and committed faculty with well equipped laboratories, workshops and other infrastructural facilities and are also actively engaged in Industry-Institute interaction. Major areas of specialization in these departments are Materials Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Machine Design, Thermal Engineering and Management. These departments offer U.G. programme in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering & Management. The departments also offer P.G. programmes in Thermal Engineering, Manufacturing Science & Engineering Also, M.Sc (Engg) and Ph.D. Programmes are being offered by the research centre of the Departments. Both the departments have been accredited by NBA, New Delhi for five years. 81 research scholars have registered for their Ph.D programme in the research centers of the departments.

sl session Date
01 Submission of Full Papers 1st March, 2020
02 Date of Acceptance 10th March, 2020
03 Submission of manuscript in camera–ready form along with Registration 15th March, 2020

Papers are to be checked for Plagiarism and should be within 20%.

sl Name
01 Dr. T.S.Srivatsan, Ohio University, USA
02 Dr. Jason C H Chen, Gonzaga University, USA
03 Dr. Saravanan, Nanyang Tech University, Singapore
04 Dr. Canan Aksu Canbay, Firat University, Turkey
05 Dr.Immanuel Edinbarough., university of Texas, USA
06 Dr. Sunday Ayoola OKE, University of Lagos,Nigeria
07 Dr Mohan Reddy M, Curtin University Sarawak, MALAYSIA
08 Dr. PradeepMohankumar,Washington University,Washington
09 Dr.Chen, Shiou-Yu, National Taiwan Ocean University,Taiwan
10 Dr.Z.W. Zhong,Nanyang Tech University,Singapore
11 Dr.J.Paulo Davim,University of Averio, Averio(Portugal)
12 Dr. B . Ravi, IIT Bombay
13 Dr. K.P.J.Reddy, IISc, Bangalore
14 Dr. K.Chattopadhyay, IISc, Bangalore
15 Dr. G.Jagadeesh, IISc, Bangalore
16 Dr. Sathish Kailash, IISc, Bangalore
17 Dr. Ranjan Ganguli, IISc, Bangalore
18 Dr.Srinvasan R, IISc, Bangalore
19 Dr. S.G.Srikanta Swamy, KSCST, IISc, Bangalore
20 Dr. S.Seetharamu, NDRF, Bangalore
21 Dr. V.Sampath, MME, IIT Madras, Chennai
22 Dr. J.M.Mallikarjun, MED, IIT Madras, Chennai
23 Dr. N.V.Ravikumar, MME, IIT Madras, Chennai
SL Name
24 Dr.S.Sridhar, MED, IIT Mumbai
25 Dr.B.V.A.Patnaik, GTRE, DRDO, Bangalore
26 Dr. Jaideep Sahai Mathur, CSIR-NAL, Bangalore
27 Dr. Bachu Suresh, GTRE, DRDO, Bangalore
28 Dr. Vidyadhar Mudkavi, CSIR-NAL, Bangalore
29 Sri. V.BabuSathian,FormerChairman, IIM Bangalore Chapter
30 Dr. B.Ashoka,ADA,Former Chairman, IIM Bangalore Chapter
31 Dr. H.Sundarmurthy,Chairperson,IFO,Bangalore
32 Dr. P.Chakravarthy, IISST, ISRO, Trivandrum
33 Dr. S.Basavarajappa, IIIT, Dharwad
34 Dr.-Ing. Gautam Sagar, Hannover, Germany
35 Dr.Shivaprasad B Dandagi, BDT College of Engg, Davangaere
36 Dr.Shankar Murthy, NITIE, Mumbai
37 Dr. U Chandrashekar, Vel Tech, Chennai
38 Dr.S.B. Kivade Principal, BET,Basavkalyana
39 Dr. P.B. Kotur, Wipro Technologies,Bangalore
40 Dr.Manjuprasad, NAL, Bangalore
41 Sri.Thejakumar,Toyoda Gosei South India Pvt Ltd Bangalore
42 Dr.K.N.Subramanya, RVCE, Bangalore
43 Sri.M K Swamy, Toyota Kirloskar Motors, Banglore
44 Sri.Jagadish Mogaveera B, L & T Construction Equi Ltd,Bangalore
45 Sri. Paramesh H.S, Toyota Kirloskar Auto parts Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
46 Dr. K V Srinivas Rao,AIT, Tumakuru
47 Prof.B.Gangadharaiah, Estate Officer,SIT,Tumakuru
sl Name
01 Chairman : Dr. K.S.Shashishekar, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
02 Convener : Dr .H. R. Purushothama, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
03 Co conveners(Advanced) : Dr. U. S. Mallikarjun
04 Co conveners(Materials) : Dr. Virupaxi Auradi
05 Co conveners(Manufacturing) : Dr. N S Venkatesh Gupta
06 Co conveners(Manufacturing) : Dr. C Shashishekar
07 Co conveners(Management) : Dr.J.P. Ganjigatti
08 Co conveners(Management) : Dr. R.S.Kadadevaramath
09 Co conveners(Thermal Science) : Dr. Dr M.Shivashankar
10 Co conveners(Thermal Science) : Dr. Manjunath H
11 Sri. T.C.Narendra Babu, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
12 Sri. T.S.Suresh Kumar, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
13 Dr. G.R.Bharath Sai Kumar, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
14 Dr. K.Chandrappa, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
Sri. R.S.Vijayakumar, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
16 Dr. B.Vasudeva, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
17 Dr. H.S.Shivashankar, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
18 Sri. B.C.Suresh, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
19 Dr. Lohith C.P., M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
20 Dr. Nagaraju, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
21 Dr. N.Shanmuga Priya, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
22 Dr. Prashantha S. , M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
23 Dr. Tarakeshwar T.K, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
24 Sri. Sriharshakumar, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
25 Dr. Shivasiddaramaiah, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
26 Dr. Madhu.H.C, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
sl Name
27 Dr. Gautham.M.G, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
28 Sri. Manjunath C T, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
29 Sri. Adarsh.S.H, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
30 Smt. Poornima C, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
31 Dr. Arun S B, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
32 Dr. Vijayakumar Hiremath, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
33 Sri. Guruchannabasavaiah, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
34 Sri. Omkaresh B R, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
35 Sri Ekanthappa, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
36 Sri. Bharath H S, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
37 Sri. Vineeth Kumar T V, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
38 Sri. Sudeepkumar T, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
39 Sri. Jatadhara G S, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
40 Dr. Nithesh K G, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
41 Sri. B Vishvas, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
42 Sri. Sunil B, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
43 Sri. Naresh H, M.E.D., S.I.T., Tumakuru
44 Dr. Dr. G.V.Prabhushankar, I.E.M., S.I.T., Tumakuru
45 Sri. C.E.Megharaj, I.E.M., S.I.T., Tumakuru
46 Dr. B.Adaveesh, I.E.M., S.I.T., Tumakuru
47 Smt. T.R.Veena, I.E.M., S.I.T., Tumakuru
48 Dr. Manjunath K V, I.E.M., S.I.T., Tumakuru
49 Sri. T.S. Mohan Kumar, I.E.M., S.I.T., Tumakuru
50 Sri. Puneeth K H, I.E.M., S.I.T., Tumakuru
51 Sri. Anil K C, I.E.M., S.I.T., Tumakuru
52 Sri. Vijaykumar, I.E.M., S.I.T., Tumakuru

Registration Fee

  • Indian Academicians /Research Scholars / Students
  • Participation & Presentation in conference: Rs. 2000/-
  • Participation, Presentation & Publishing in Scopus Indexed Journal (based on acceptance by journal reviewers) : Rs9000/-
  • Overseas Participants : $200/-
  • Payments should be via online at: erp.sit.ac.in
  • Website: www.ammmtsit.ac.in
  • Brochure

Proceedings & Publication:

All the papers presented at AMMMT-2020 will be published in the form of proceedings (CD) and those Research papers meeting the journal requirement will be published in peer-reviewed Scopus Indexed international Journals.
For submission of papers follow the Author instructions link in conference website:


A souvenir will be brought out on the occasion of the conference, giving details of the programme, abstracts, list of sponsors and advertisements.